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Personal Information (Single Applicant)

Income and Expenses (Single Applicant)

Personal Information (Spouse/Joint)

Income and Expenses (Spouse/Joint)

I/We do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint LUCID Legal Business Services (Pty) Ltd (2003/016694/07) (“LUCID”) with Power of Substitution to be my/our true and lawful Agent in my/our name, place and stead, to represent me/us and deal with any matter and sign all documents necessary, to obtain my/our consumer credit information, finance application and financial information, from all credit bureaus and relevant third parties and to make the aforementioned information available to me/us and Omega Mortgage, for the purpose of the latter performing an affordability and pre-qualification finance assessment on me/us.

I agree to LUCID contacting me/us to provide me/us with a copy of my/our affordability, financial and risk assessment reports and a consultation to assist me/us in qualifying for finance or qualifying for better borrowing terms or improving my/our affordability and risk.

I accept that LUCID will retain all my/our information, received in terms of this authority and I consent to its use thereof, for any processing purpose within the normal course of its business, as may be determined, from time to time, at its sole discretion.

I understand that I may revoke this authorization, in writing to LUCID, at any time and unless revoked, it shall remain in force and effect.

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